These remarks point out our bet for QUALITY, in the fulfilment of the technical requirements demanded by our clients. The provision of the highest levels of satisfaction, with the lesser cost in market, has also been our commitment since the very beginning and we expect to obtain, in the short term, the UNE-EN-ISO 9000:2000 Certification.

And, SAFETY ABOVE ALL. Safety is guaranteed by our work procedures, safety manuals and specific studies of each project, as well as by the functional security of the equipment used

Not forgetting the ENVIRONMENT. Our commitment to environmental preservation is one of the overarching issues of management. We take into account the environmental impact of our business activities as well as products and services provided, knowing, accepting and observing the laws and ordinances as well as specific requirements from our clients in this area. It is an assumed proposal to obtain the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Certification

Bearing all these aspects in mind, we expect that our proposal will meet with your needs and you choose our company, TXF, as a collaborator in some of the following works suggested. Thanks for your attention.
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